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In an effort to increase mind-body awareness within the Columbia University community MBA provides a donation-based mat class that allows Pilates to be more accessible for those who may not be able to afford it and are interested in learning this phenomenal method. Pilates can often be very expensive – here at MBA, we believe that ALL people should be able to benefit from this transformative and empowering method.  


Please join us on Saturday mornings and see what it's all about!  

Pilates for ALL People
with Romana Certified Instructor
and Health Coach Kristin Joseph 


Saturdays at 10 AM

Mind Body Aware Home Studio

Please email for the address.

Originally called Contrology, The Pilates Method offers a multitude of benefits including; Increasing Mind-Body Awareness; Strengthening and Toning; Improving Control, Flexibility, and Balance; Injury Prevention; and Overall Conditioning.

1.  R.S.V.P. by e-mailing me here

During the winter months, we have class indoors, so space is limited.  We will resume Pilates in the Park in May 2020.

2.  Be sure to check out the studio schedule for any changes.  


3.  Show up wearing workout clothes and bring a mat.(Please wear what you would feel comfortable wearing to a yoga class).

If you need a mat, please let me know in advance as availability is limited.





Please bring cash for your donation.  I will do my best to have change, but try not to bring bills larger than $10 or $20 if possible.  


Thank you!

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