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Festive Overwhelm???

Tis' the most whelming time of the year…

Err, umm…I meant to say wonderful. Of course, there IS so much wonder and magic during the holiday season. After all, December is filled with festive lights, the smell of evergreen, shopping windows dressed in glimmer and holly, peppermint everything and, of course, hot cocoa – all in anticipation of the big guy’s arrival on Christmas Eve night. However, this time of year can be, and often is, stressful for most (myself included). There is so much perceived pressure and expectation for things like designing the perfect holiday decor, creating the picture perfect photo card, giving the most thoughtful gift, making homemade everything (hello Pinterest), work holiday parties, and family…lots and LOTS of family. All of these things are A-MAZING, please don’t misunderstand me; however, it can be quite overwhelming to cram into 3 weeks…

Here are a few life-hacks in helping this holiday season feel warm, fuzzy and just the perfect amount of “whelm”:

1. Cut out what doesn’t serve you. Yes…this includes social media. I myself was having heart palpitations just scrolling through my Facebook feed on Black Friday seeing that my friends' homes were perfectly trimmed with Christmas cheer and that all gifts had been purchased AND wrapped – good for them…but that’s not how we roll here in the Fowler residence. We appreciate the journey of building up to the holiday (which translates to success is completing decorations before Christmas Eve) [insert wide toothy grin here]…

Bottom line is if something is causing you extraneous stress and adding pressure to your life and isn’t a need, then CUT-IT-OUT.

(If you are struggling to monitor your social media time try out Self Control. It’s a new OS X computer app that blocks distracting websites including Facebook, Gmail and everything else that steals your attention on the inter-web).

2. Make time for self-care. Don’t skip that workout class you signed up for. Nor let the beautiful produce you spent your hard earned $$$ on wilt away in your fridge (check out this quick and easy recipe that uses frozen organic produce…no wilt or waste!). It’s time like this when it is MOST important to prioritize your health (both mental and physical). Some easy to implement self-care includes going for a 15-minute walk outside, taking an Epsom-salt bath (add lavender essential oil drops to make it extra relaxing), drinking warm water with lemon first thing in the morning, meditating (I love headspace – its an easy to listen, easy to follow app. For someone like myself who has an EXTREMELY difficult time meditating, this is the app for you!)

3. Progress over perfection I say this all the time and think it is applicable here as well. Perfection is OVER-RATED! (Trust me…as a recovering perfectionist, it is SO over-rated and totally NOT worth it). Don’t put that kind of pressure on yourself. Do the best you can with what you have and ENJOY the journey along the way. You don’t NEED to have the perfect decor, give the perfect gift, create the perfect holiday card, etc., etc., etc. It’s about showing up and being present exactly when and where you are. Your loved ones will feel when you are present – fully showing up is priceless.

“People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.” ~Maya Angelou

If all else fails, we should follow the advice of Buddy the Elf…

Wishing you a beautiful, perfectly “whelmed” December!



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