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Immune Boosting Dreamsicle Smoothie

I hope that everyone has been well and is able to stay sane despite being bombarded by the news and current events. Here at the Mind Body Aware Home Studio we have opted to be vigilant rather than fear-mongering. (See below for a few updated health policies that we have implemented to keep our community members healthy and safe).

Regardless of the current status of COVID-19, it is ALWAYS a good idea to naturally boost our immune systems (after all, it still is cold and flu season, too). Some things that help to keep us healthy and boost our immune system include:

  • Eating whole real foods (packed with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients)

  • Getting enough sleep (minimum of 6 hours but aim for 7-9)

  • Getting in regular exercise

  • Staying hydrated

This smoothie is so creamy and dreamy, PLUS it is packed with vitamins A and C in addition to having both ginger and turmeric, which are famous for having incredible anti-inflammatory properties.

You won't regret making this beauty!

Be well!



Updated Health & Hygiene Procedures in response to COVID-19.

For more information on best practices and prevention please consult the CDC.


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