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Get Real with Your Intentions and Set Yourself Up for Success: Bring It 2016!

Happy NEW YEAR! I will make this post brief...because I am SURE you have been bombarded with New Year's posts regarding resolutions and creating the "perfect" year ahead...and if you are like us we love to use this day to clean up all of our decorations and recoup from the craziness of the holidays. This weekend, I will be cuddling with a holiday gift that I gifted myself... Danielle LaPorte's, The Desire Map! (I first learned of Danielle LaPorte while I was a student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She is a POWERHOUSE! I have been using her Desire Map excercises with my health coaching clients to help them identify their true desires and set powerful goals).

The Desire Map book is a guided holistic approach to identifying your core desires and planning effective goal settings and intentions. It is a beautiful book that is well organized and asks high mileage questions that guide you to getting real with yourself and your true desires. Definitely a fabulous January read– especially with the buzz and excitement for the new year ahead!

For those of you who know me know I am a SUCKER for all things organization. I know everyone does EVERYTHING on their phones/tablets these days, but I am still old fashioned and love a good planner (#gimmeALLthePrettyPens #PaperPencilALLtheWay). So, in conjuction with The Desire Map book, I bought the Desire Map Planner. (I know...I REALLY spoiled myself, but it was SO worth it!)

I am seriously OBSESSED! It is PERFECT for those of you who are looking to get REAL with yourselves, setting acheiable goals and powerful intentions. You is SO good! It basically guides you through each week and helps you gain clarity and perspective on creating the life you desire and feeling the way you want to feel.

Last year I bought a planner from Plum Paper (which was super beautiful), but not as helpful in guiding you to use your planner in the most effective way possible. Danielle's planner guides you through with examples and positive messages. If Santa gave you any Christmas money, I HIGHLY suggest investing inyourself and scooping up The Desire Map book and planner!

I can't wait to hear what you think and to share with you what I discover as I continue on this soul guided journey!

Have a happy and healthy year!



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