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Stumped On What To Get That Special Pilates + Health Enthusiast In Your Life? I'VE GOT YOU COVERED.

Let's face it, buying gifts can be hard these days! Most of us have gotten into the habit of buying what we want (within reason) whenever we want. Now, I can't promise you that the gifts on this list are the most creative or unique... but what I can guarantee is that they WORK. I have been in this business a long time now and have worked with all the gadgets and gizmos. I've seen people waste hundreds and thousands of dollars on Pilates + kitchen accessories that only lasted them for a year or less (yikes!). I hope that this list helps you shop for your Pilates obsessed special someone in your life (heck, maybe that someone is yourself!).




P.S. Full disclosure, as you know transparency is of the upmost importance to me, the links here are my Amazon affiliate links. This doesn’t affect which products are included on this list. All of the products highlighted here are recommended for their quality, performance, and overall reputation regardless of any affiliate relationships.


These are 1 or 2 lb ankle weights. They can be worn around the ankles or the wrists. They are comfortable and sleek plus they come in a variety of colors. These babies may be small, but they are MIGHTY! They pack in the punch and will guarantee level up your workout.

Tired of using the same two cans of pumpkin puree for your arm work on the mat? Opt for these beauties. They fit comfortably in the hand and are easy to hold. They make the perfect addition to any mat workout.

*Disclaimer: I am NOT sponsored by Bala (although I wouldn't mind it). The truth is they make gorgeous, quality products including these colorful resistance bands. These bands come with different intensities (so you can choose based on your need or mood). My favorite thing about these bands is that they don't roll! Huzzah!

There is nothing fancy about these guys, but they get the job done! If you have never used yoga blocks, I recommend starting with the foam ones first, as cork is much firmer in density and can sometimes feel too harsh.

Don't let "mini" fool you! This little guy brings all of the challenge that the standard magic circle does, but often can be a better fit. It is particularly nice to use in any exercises where we hold the circle just above the ankle bone.

This magic circle is a classic. It can make any workout a challenge and also functions as a great tool to help you get your stretch on!


While this mat is on the pricier side, it is totally worth it. It won't peel, slip, or annoyingly roll up at the ends plus it will last you forever. Be warned though... this mat is heavy! So it is not going to be a mat you will want to commute with on the subway.

This is a more affordable mat option, but can definitely stand along side the likes of the Natural Fitness Hero Mat. It has an excellent thickness for support, but isn't so soft that you just squish down into the mat. This non-slip mat is also on the heavier side, so again, not super commuter friendly but great to keep for your at home workouts.

Now THIS is your commuter mat! It is great to take on the go and can help you find your lines no matter what your workout space is. It is not as thick and supportive as the two above, but it is a great mat that you can take anywhere with you!

Kitchen Gear

Vitamix Blender| A3500 SS, A3300, A2500

(scroll to see all 3 options)

Interested in consuming more fruits and veggies? I highly recommend the Vitamix. Of all the kitchen gadgets out there, this one is worth the investment. It makes drinking more smoothies and making more soups SO much easier! (Trust me, it is the EASE that will help keep you consistent. NO one wants to pull a juicer apart every morning. It is just too time consuming). Plus the warranty is AMAZING (8 years last I checked). I have included 3 options here.

They are ALL great, seriously. Your choice will be solely based off of aesthetic + budget – no quality sacrificed!

Happy shopping, friends!


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